Facts about The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Factual statements about Saudi Arabia 2

Arab culture is very amazing, but few Arab countries impress as much as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA. This nation, that was shut for a long period to the general public, today stands as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, with incredible spectacular beauties, a wide variety of scenery and a culture that has been maintained for more than 100 years. Today we will tell you some curious factual statements about this nation.


The populace of Saudi Arabia is most varied because, regardless of the restrictions which exist to enter the country, at least 30% of its population comprises of foreigners and at least 60% of its workforce are foreigners. The Saudis, for the most part, have become traditional people, whose lives are nearly always governed from the values ​​of the Islam religion, that are not usually compatible with Western beliefs. However, many people who have visited this country claim that the Saudis are extremely friendly people. Within the various other and, a lot of the Saudi people is normally under 25 years, in other words that the populace of this place is quite young.


The country is situated for the Arabian Peninsula, the biggest peninsula in the world. The country borders Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, and Bahrain. It’s the second largest country in the entire Arab world just after Algeria and is the largest riverless nation in the world. In fact, generally, the country is actually composed of a desert weather. This has greatly influenced their lifestyle, being palpable in problems such as the importance given to camels with this country.
But, despite keeping a desert weather, Saudi Arabia offers beautiful places, the vastness of which is impressive.


Saudi Arabia is among the most important oil exporting countries. It gets the second largest oil reserves in the world, only behind Venezuela. Until 2013, Saudi Arabia was the biggest oil manufacturer in the world for decades, becoming surpassed by the United States with 12.1 million barrels each day that year.
Oil was present there shortly after this had formed as a nation, greatly helping the entire history to make a better development and also invest in facilities. Actually, this nation is building exactly what will become the tallest tower in the globe, achieving a kilometer. But, although there are important advancements in technology and infrastructure, much of the country continues to be traditional, with typical desert homes and people who live their lives extremely simply and calmly.

Travel to Saudi Arabia

In the past it was extremely hard to have a visa to go to this country. But which has transformed, since, as the country seeks to diversify its economic climate, you can access an Evisa to visit the country, which really is a simple electronic procedure – Source: e visa ksa.
We hope that you liked these factual statements about Saudi Arabia and that, if you have the chance, you will try to visit this incredible country, because more than one find yourself being surprised with all the wonders that Saudi Arabia provides.

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