billy elliot musical

Billy Elliot the Musical

When it comes to musical and theatre performance, Billy Elliot Musical will always remain in hearts of many due to its spectacular show that featured humor and passion. It is based on the film Billy Elliot that was released in 2000.

Lyrics and book were done by Lee Hall while the music was done by Elton John. The plot of this musical revolves around Billy who was motherless and of British origin. Billy was a boy who traded boxing gloves for him to get ballet shoes. The billy elliot musicalplot story revolves around his personal struggle and community strife as well as counter-story from the family.

Billy Elliot musical premiered in 2005 at the Victoria Palace Theatre located in West End of London and was also nominated for more than eight Laurence Oliver Awards. Production of this musical continued through 2016 and its success led to more production in Australia.

In New York, Billy Elliot the Musical managed to scoop numerous awards including the Drama Desk Awards. The live recording version of this musical was later on released by Blu-Ray in 2014.

Billy Elliot Production

The original production of this musical was set for Tyne Theatre located in Newcastle, England but was later abandoned as a result of financial issues with theatre operators and the prevailing production budget during that time.

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However, on 31st March 2005, it was premiered in Victoria Palace Theatre by opening previews before officially releasing it in May that year. After about 4, 600 performances, this musical was closed as the theatre was set for refurbishment. Production of this show was reported to be £5.5 million through the original version of the film was £5 million.

Billy Eliot the Musical featured producers from Old Vic productions, David Furnish and Working Title Films. The director of the show was Stephen Daldry and choreography was done by Peter Darling. It also featured original actors that include Liam Mower, George Maguire and James Lomas alternating in title roles. The supporting crew included Wilkinson, Tim Healy, and Haydn Gwynne.

Billy Elliot musical received positive reviews from various quarters including Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail who dubbed it a theatrical masterpiece. In Laurence Olivier Awards it got four awards in various categories including best new musical and Best Sound Design. It also scooped some awards in Critics Circle Awards and Evening Standard Awards.

Billy Elliot Storyline

Billy Elliot story revolves around the community where the vast majority of the adults are working in the coal industry and having issues making them go through a major work stoppage and protest against the government headed by a prime minister.

Billy’s family suffered majorly by this strike as Tony and Jackie worked on the mining industry. So the storyline majorly covered the tensions between the authorities and the community.

Another storyline was based on Billy himself who is 11 years old. Billy is made to enroll in boxing classes by his father but he doesn’t really like it and later on ditches boxing classes and attends dance classes.

This choice made his father angry and he pulls him out of the classes. However, dance class teacher sees potential in Billy and secretly gives him lessons on the same. Finally, Mrs. W who is dance class teacher finally approaches Billy’s father to discuss Billy’s awesome talent.